Classic dinner

Dinner tribute to Amparo Restaurants

The Azcaray sisters, the women who managed to raise their restaurant El Amparo to Olympus gastronomic will receive a tribute on Friday, April 5 at the Sociedad Bilbaína. The meeting will begin at 20.00 with the guest reception to immortalize the moment in a photocall. Attendees may wear classic clothing (dark clothes, gentlemen, hats, gloves etc … Long dresses, ladies) or some detail (hat, cane, fan …).

At 9:00 pm the dinner will begin, which will recreate the dishes of the legendary restaurant El Amparo. Its kitchen, opened in 1879, became for half a century one of the references of the village´s gastronomy thanks to its traditional and French food. Zuriñe García, Andra Mari´s restaurant chef (one Michelin star) will be in charge of reinterpreting the dishes, together with Teresa Jennifer Burgos, cook of the Soba Bilbaína. Teresa Guilarte will be responsible for the harmonization of wine and liquors.

At the end the attendees will enjoy a dance.

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Meeting details

Date: Friday April 5th at 08:00 pm

Location: Sociedad Bilbaína (C/Navarra 1, Bilbao)

“El Amparo” was one of the most classic and famous restaurants in Bilbao. It was founded in 1879 by the couple formed by Sebastián de Azcaray and Felipa de Eguileor in Concepción Street 3, who were succeed in the business their three daughters, Vicenta, Úrsula and Sira. It closed its doors year 1929 after the death of Vicenta, last survivor of the lineage.El Amparo” served both traditional and French cuisine and it can be said that the most celebrated agapes of the gastronomic history of Bilbao were held in this restaurant.